Web Site Management by Advinte Services

Let's face it, an out of date web site is about as attractive to your customers as an uncut lawn is to a potential homebuyer. Many businesses don't have the time or the technology staff to maintain or update their web sites; in the high-speed information age, not being current can miss losing out on sales. We have the solution to keep your site timely.....

Advinte's Up Site Program

Up Site Basic-

Advinte’s staff will provide 2 hours a month for any text or photographic changes your web site needs. The base fee for this service is $25.95 per month.

Up Site Plus-

Advinte’s staff will provide 4 hours a month to make needed text or photographic changes to your web site. Up Site Plus deletion of your server logs* if requested. The base fee for this service is $49.95 per month.


*Note - Server log files are an add-on service offered by AIT and are not included as a standard feature for web site design.


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